Enhance sales with the XR Showroom

Showcasing machinery at exhibitions and sales events
Remotely training your global retailer network
Collecting information to support sales management.

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Showcasing and use at exhibitions

Examining a machine on a tablet offers a similar social familiarisation situation as a physical machine: people will gather around the machine and customers will ask questions and discuss the machine’s features and their own needs.

At exhibitions and sales events, even large machines can be examined from all sides, and you can even peek inside. XR Showroom also enables an expert, such as the machine’s designer, builder or user, to visit the event remotely.

Training retailers and agents remotely

Training your global retailer network and agents face to face always requires the trainer or trained person to travel, which requires time and money. Your sales network’s skills and expertise on your products can be enhanced by effectively training them remotely – and, nonetheless, around the same machine. You can send both your machine and its expert over land and sea wherever they are needed at the time.

With the help of the XR Showroom application, your expert participates in the training through a remote connection, and with the help of virtual technology, they will feel like they are in the same room with the trained people and the machine in question.

Sales management through information

Thanks to the analytics attached to the XR Showroom exhibition tool, you have ready-made lists of sales leads available: who looked at your machine and how long. Based on this information, your sales personnel can contact customers after the event.

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Find out more about our customers’ experiences

Machinery companies have used XR Showroom to showcase machines which do not exist yet, do not have room at the stand or would cost thousands of euros to transport to the exhibition event.

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