Tekno-Ants Oy, a company specialised in the management and optimisation of internal logistics, uses the XR Showroom application at trade fairs and sales meetings. The main product of the company, a robot weighing 500 kg, is not easy to transport but its operations can easily be visualised and presented on a tablet or a mobile phone with the help of the augmented reality application.

XR Showroom charms at trade fairs and sales meetings

When Tekno-Ants Oy’s head of sales and customer relations, Taru Hakanen, first heard about the XR Showroom application, she was positively curious.

“I have an extensive background in research and innovation and I usually have a positive attitude toward new products and solutions. I immediately started to think about how I could use the application in my own work,” Hakanen recounts.

Hakanen used the XR Showroom application, which utilises augmented reality, for the first time at the Subcontracting Trade Fair in 2018. “In my opinion, the application worked very well for trade fair use. Compared to conventional materials, such as printed brochures, the tablet application provided plenty more possibilities for showcasing products. It provided completely new ways of showing the details of a product,” she says excitedly.

At least 500 kg of steel on one tablet

Tekno-Ants manufactures mobile robots for the management and optimisation of internal industrial logistics. A mobile robot weighs nearly 500 kg, which means that it cannot always be transported to sales and marketing events and meetings. Hakanen feels that in their case the XR Showroom application provides a huge benefit – the application helps showcase the operations of their robot, even when they have not brought it with them.

“At the trade fair, we received very positive feedback on the functionality of the application. It was clearly natural for our potential customers to get to know our robots by using the application. Many of them also asked questions about other products, such as our charging station, and XR Showroom made it easy to present them as well,” describes Hakanen, who works as the company’s Business Development Director.

In the XR Showroom application, all information can be conveniently found in one place and separate printed brochures or PowerPoint presentations are not required. In addition, the application can also be scaled to model real life objects of any size.

Modern solutions help marketing

Tekno-Ants aims to be a forerunner in its field and offer the most innovative and smart solutions on the market to its customers. With its robots, that transport components, materials and pallets inside factory areas, the company promotes industrial LEAN thinking and reshapes the field of internal logistics.

Hakanen says, that Tekno-Ants aims to bring its goals forward in everything that the company does. Innovative products alone are not enough, and the methods used to present them to customers must also be modern.

“XR Showroom has positive marketing value for us. We are an innovative operator in our field and we also want to try better solutions and utilise new options for marketing and sales. This means not going to meet customers with a stack of papers tucked under our arms, because these days people do not want more paper in their offices,” Hakanen says.

She recommends the XR Showroom application to everyone who sells innovative products. Especially if the product is large or otherwise difficult to display or transport, the application provides great benefits for visualising the product. XR Showroom also helps visualise and understand large entities, such as production and automation systems.

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