Our customers say

Because of XR Showroom, our customers have been able to cross the following things off the list for their expo preparations:

Freighting your machine to exhibitions and budgeting freight charges
Taking care of customs procedures and duties
Large and expensive exhibition halls

We let our customers explain how XR Showroom has performed in introductory use.

Glaston Oyj

The glass processing technology company Glaston Oyj took the first steps in the use of the XR Showroom application at the Glasstec trade fair.  The company’s flat glass laminating line was displayed in an entirely new fashion at the largest event in the industry, which attracted attention from the international press.

“The most significant benefit for us was that the XR Showroom application enabled seeing and experiencing the laminating line while other companies relied mostly on VR environments. We are delighted with the content provided by the application, which was designed and executed perfectly,” says Mari Lehtinen, Marketing Communications Manager at Glaston.

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Tekno-Ants Oy

Tekno-Ants Oy, a company specialised in the management and optimisation of internal logistics, uses the XR Showroom application at trade fairs and sales meetings. The main product of the company, a robot weighing 500 kg, is not easy to transport but its operations can easily be visualised and presented on a tablet or a mobile phone with the help of the augmented reality application.

“XR Showroom has positive marketing value for us. We are an innovative operator in our field and we also want to try better solutions and utilise new options for marketing and sales. This means not going to meet customers with a stack of papers tucked under our arms, because these days people do not want more paper in their offices,” Taru Hakanen, Business Development Director at Tekno-Ants Oy, says.

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Aliko Oy Ltd

Aliko began utilising the AR application at the Subcontracting Trade Fair and on client visits in September. By November, they had already ordered the XR Showroom VR application and equipment for experiencing virtual reality, delivered as a service package by Wakeone.

Aliko’s engineers are now able to upload the design model of a certain machine to the XR Showroom system and receive models of all the company’s machines that can be viewed with a tablet or virtual reality glasses.

“I think it’s fair to say that enabling clients to visualise the measurements of a machine in their premises and to study all the details of technical solutions significantly helps clients make decisions more quickly,” says Timo Valtanen, Sales Manager at Aliko Oy Ltd.

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FinnSonic Oy

Salespeople working at FinnSonic, a company specialised in ultrasonic cleaning equipment and fluorescent penetrant inspection solutions, have been using videos, brochures and PowerPoint presentations as promotional materials when visiting customers. In the autumn of 2018, FinnSonic took XR Showroom’s augmented reality application for a test run at a trade fair.

“We need tools to help our salespeople in sales negotiations. I believe that the AR application would work on customer visits and would allow our salespeople to show customers how our equipment would look and work inside their production facilities. In a meeting room, a tablet could be connected to a larger screen, bringing a highly illustrative element to the presentation and making it easy to present our equipment to the customer,” says Sirpa Suomela, Communications Manager of FinnSonic.

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Tamturbo Oy

Tamturbo has something grand to showcase at exhibitions worldwide: their new turbo compressor utilising high-speed technology consumes approximately one fifth less electricity than traditional models. However, the transportation of a large and heavy compressor to exhibitions is an unpleasantly arduous and expensive process.

“The machine’s dimensions are two metres each way. Hauling it on site requires power, fuel and thousands of euros. You may have to pay several thousands of euros just to move the machine from the truck to the stand with the logistics services which have a monopoly at the exhibitions,” says Tamturbo’s CEO, Timo Pulkki.

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T-Drill Oy

T-Drill, a company specialised in tube and pipe fabrication solutions, goes to about twenty exhibitions each year. Picks of the company’s broad machinery selection are showcased at the events, including, for example, industrial cutting, collaring and flanging machines and flexible manufacturing systems. Some of the solutions are special machines customised for the customers’ needs.

”At larger exhibitions, showcasing a large selection of products can be done more comprehensively, but smaller events present a challenge of fitting multiple solutions at stands. This is why we showcase our broad selection of machinery at exhibitions with the help of virtual and augmented reality”

Jessica Ekola, Marketing Coordinator, T-Drill Oy

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