Thanks to XR Showroom, you can forget about

Freighting your machine to exhibitions and budgeting freight charges
Taking care of customs procedures and duties
Large and expensive exhibition halls

Your company’s machines travel along with you!

Your company’s machines, equipment and engines travel neatly in your breast pocket or suitcase wherever you travel. You can show the appearance and features of even large machines at exhibitions and sales events on your mobile phone or tablet, allowing your customers to examine the machine from different angles and even look inside it.

With the help of computer-aided design, you can scale a 3D modelled machine to be shown entirely or examine a certain part of it in more detail. All of this will be easily done with just a tablet.

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T-Drill goes to exhibitions to showcase machines which do not exist yet

“The visitors think it is cool to be able to see the machine from the angle you want and even from inside. This is a feature that is not even possible with a machine on site.”

Jessica Ekola, Marketing Coordinator, T-Drill Oy

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Stories and events

“The implementation of XR Showroom is a great and impressive experience, also for exhibition visitors. It enables a machine to be showcased diversely without having to haul a physical machine weighing several tonnes on site. XR Showroom is a package that is clearly worth the money.”

Timo Pulkki, CEO, Tamturbo Oy

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“At larger exhibitions, showcasing a large selection of products can be done more comprehensively, but smaller events present a challenge of fitting multiple solutions at stands. This is why we showcase our broad selection of machinery at exhibitions with the help of virtual and augmented reality.”

Jessica Ekola, Marketing Coordinator, T-Drill Oy

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“People at Wakeone always have a very positive attitude towards the customer’s wishes and needs. Even at the trade fair, we tested the tablet, expressed our desires and got very quick responses.”

Sirpa Suomela, Communications Manager, Finnsonic Oy

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“The AR application has been an enormously practical tool for our sales and marketing department. I think it’s fair to say that enabling clients to visualise the measurements of a machine in their premises and to study all the details of technical solutions significantly helps clients make decisions more quickly.”

Timo Valtanen, Sales Manager, Aliko Oy Ltd

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“XR Showroom has positive marketing value for us. We are an innovative operator in our field and we also want to try better solutions and utilise new options for marketing and sales. This means not going to meet customers with a stack of papers tucked under our arms, because these days people do not want more paper in their offices.”

Taru Hakanen, Business Development Director, Tekno-Ants Oy

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“The most significant benefit for us was that the XR Showroom application enabled seeing and experiencing the laminating line while other companies relied mostly on VR environments. We are delighted with the content provided by the application, which was designed and executed perfectly.”

Mari Lehtinen, Marketing Communications Manager, Glaston Oyj

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